26 August 2011

Review: Flowers of Volunteer Park Conservatory by Sara Chapman (Seattle)

There are few places left in the United States that have the privilege of having a Victorian Glass Conservatory within their city and Seattle Washington is one of those lucky cities.  Seattle is a beautiful termperate city on the west coast of Washington USA and its gardens lure many tourists every year.  The Volunteer Park Conservatory is considered "Seattle's Hidden Gem." Since 1912, The Volunteer Park Conservatory has been open to visitors.  The author and photographer, Sara Chapman, visited the conservatory every month to catch the progression and changes within, then expertly compiled those photos in this spectacular glossy new book, Flowers of Volunteer Conservatory: Blooming Month by Month.  Below is a sample of what you will find therein:

Sara Chapman's photography is superb, the lighting is spot on and the colours genuine.  Each detail and nuance is expertly captured and showcased in this book.

Featured in November is the Crimson Tide Chrysanthemum.  The colour combination and texture of this flower is stunning.

Above is a sampling of orchids blooming during March in the conservatory and below is some lush greenery featuring hostas, helleborus and variegated sempervirens.  Whatever the month, your tour will take you for a luscious visit.  

Sara painstakingly put several hours into compiling an incredibly detailed index.  Below is a sample of one of the index pages.  Preceding which, is a floor plan drawing of the conservatory and Keys to Plant Identification which may be utilized to identify the specimens featured in Flowers of Volunteer Park Conservatory: Blooming Month by Month.  It may also be used to quiz your knowledge of the species accented throughout.

Flowers of Volunteer Park Conservatory: Blooming Month By Month is an impressive and beautiful keepsake that should grace your coffee table.  It is available in hard cover or paperback.  Currently available to US residents by placing your order at www.lovethatimage.com.  Sara assures me that she is working on facilitating shipping to Canada and as soon as it is available I will pass it on.

*note:  all photography and pages used within this review were provided by the author, Sara Chapman, and used expressly with her permission.

Flowers of Volunteer Park Conservatory:  
Blooming Month By Month
Author and Photographer:  Sara L. Chapman
Publisher:  Book Publishers Network
Copyright:  2011
Pages:  144 full-color pages
9" x 6" quality binding
Paperback ISBN 978-1-935359-80-7
Hard Cover ISBN 978-1-935359-81-4

Available at www.lovethatimage.com

"A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to Friends of the Conservatory.  Visit www.VolunteerParkConservatory.org."

See Sara's site at www.lovethatimage.com for a free download 7 Secrets to Better Flower Photos.


Shirley said...
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Shirley said...

Sara L. Chapman sent a pleasant thank you and informed me it took her 40 hours to prepare the index! Also, on her site is a note to Canadians who wish to order her book. Please contact her regarding making arrangements. Visit her site http://www.lovethatimage.com for more information.

Shirley said...

Flowers of Volunteer Park Conservatory may be shipped to Canada now, paying through paypal. See the author's site for more information.


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