25 August 2011

Skywatch Friday at Willoughby Ridge

The beginning of July marked a huge occasion for Scouts across Alberta and a portion of British Columbia.  A huge jamboree of sorts was held over a period of a week wherein over 2000 young men (ages 12-18) and many leaders gathered at Camp Impeeza, north of Westcastle (popular skiing destination).  Here they hiked, biked, repelled and numerous other activities, too many to mention, to earn badges and get in touch with nature.  

These photos were taken at the top of Willoughby Ridge which is north of the ski area.  What a magnificent location for such an event.  My husband was one of the leaders involved and he is the photographer of these two shots.  Not bad for an I-phone!

Sky Watch Friday is a weekly meme hosted at Skywatch Friday featuring skies from all over this beautiful planet.  Click on the link to see more.


Arija said...

Great shots! Amazing what those iphones can do.

Sheila said...

It's nice to see your hubby has an eye for the views. mine often calls out and suggests I bring my camera quickly...nice to have an assistant photographer!

Tatjana Parkacheva said...

Very good photos.



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