20 October 2010

What I've Been Up To!

My sons had this cedar in a pot on their balcony.  Since it would never survive here in a pot it was brought to our house so I could plant it in the garden.  This beautiful Brandon Cedar is going to make a lovely addition to the yard.

Much too heavy for me to handle on my own, I called my son M (one of the cedar's previous owners) to give me a hand planting it.  Here he is cutting away landscape fabric before digging the hole.

Contemplation....hmmm.....It will have to be a larger hole.   Plus he needs some music to work to!

Huh, you say, looks like M is doing the heavy work.  You're right.  He does have the muscle and aptitude for it.  So, I really couldn't deny him the fun, could I?

Here I am hauling a planter of good soil to the site to add to the hole.

Stitch, my daughter's dog, is supervising.  My daughter, A, is taking the photographs.

Lilo checks out the pond while we are digging and planting.

Removing the cedar from its decorative planter takes two of us. 

It is very heavy and has grown well this summer in its pot.

Here it is, out of the pot and ready to be planted.  You can see its root system looks great.  It was happy in its pot.

The finished product.  The cedar takes up permanent residence amongst the evergreens.  M used the extra soil to build up the side of the hill by the waterfall.  A soaker hose is in place to give it a good slow soaking.  It looks so much better in this spot.  I once had upright junipers here but it is a somewhat shady site and the soil didn't dry out very fast.  Something junipers don't like but cedars do.  Thanks M for all your hard work.  How about some supper?


Layaneeq said...

Oh, for the added muscle of a son! I love the evergreen in its new home. That is one nice container. Your garden looks marvelous.

Karen said...

The new cedar just 'fits' in your landscaping so well! I really love the way it looks. How nice that you had help from your children, I count on my son-power around here quite a bit and it is much appreciated, too! Gardening is more fun with our loved ones.

Melanie said...

The new cedar looks great in your garden Shirley, You have a lovely garden.

Rosey said...

Someday my son will be strong enough to help with those heavy-duty transplants.
It is a nice tree and a fabulous time of year to plant so it can get established.

Rambling Woods said...

This was a fun post and nice of your handsome son to do the heavy lifting and for your daughter to take the photos...Love the little dog!!!

Self Sagacity said...

Very nice. It looks great in that spot. You will have a nice Christmas tree soon.


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