30 October 2010

ooooh went the wind and out went the lights............

It's coming up Halloween
with witches and goblins
spiders and ghosts
Now tell me please do
Which decor is the most.

The neighbour whose yard is shown below outdoes himself each year.  The web is new and a few other items.  He seems to take great joy in decorating for Halloween.  You may recognize this yard from a previous post.  Here's a closer look:

 Another neighbour dressed up this head with a witch's hat.  In this yard there's a witch by the front door, and a mini-graveyard opposite this head.

This neighbour has a black tarp draped near the entrance to the house. The sidewalk is dotted with pumpkins, headstones and such.

  How scary it would be to walk under this tarp to get your treat.

Can you spot the large spider at the doorway below?  I think the shadow is rather a frightening addition.  Maybe a good addition to Shadow Shot Sunday?

This yard below appeals to the younger children...

oh, maybe disregard that comment.  I see the beheaded skull and other creepy skull but other than that....

Our neighbourhood has gone to the ghouls and goblins!  What is yours doing?

Another look in parting...imagine this at night with eerie tunes and lighting.


Anonymous said...

Very festive. The neighbors go all out, like in my neighborhood. I am the only one with the Halloween songs or eerie sounds playing. I also have Edgar Allan Poe's. 'The Raven' playing. But not that many knew what that was. How sad is that?

Karen said...

Ooooohhh...this is a scary yard! What a lot of work has gone into the decorations. Love the spiderweb and all the other touches that make it festive! Our neighborhood is pretty dismal (including mine) for decor, but we live on a rather secluded road. Thanks for sharing your neighborhood with me!

Rambling Woods said...

Wow...people don't decorate for Halloween as much here as for Christmas.....Michelle

Ebie said...

I love that huge spider web! Very spooky! The neighborhood sure did a great job in their back/front yard decoration.


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