06 December 2012

15 cms of Snow Yesterday!

Yesterday we had such a snowstorm!  Looking out the windows at work it was basically a white-out.  You could not see across the street.  At one time we had 7 cms of snow literally dump from the sky in one hour!  We are on par with 2009 at the same time of year!  That's a scary thought because we had sooooooo much snow.  

Unlike Southern Alberta, which benefits from the warming winds of the Chinook, once we receive snow in the fall, it stays until spring.  I recall my mom telling me stories of growing up in Manitoba and how the snow did not melt until spring.  No chinooks there either.  I thought that was horrible, even as a young child!

Well, now the same can be said for Edmonton.  If you love winter, you're in glory here.  If not, if  you just tolerate it or worse complain as soon as it's too cold to wear shorts (yes, there are some out there who do), then Edmonton is a rather weary 7-8 months of misery (in a bad year).  Just so you don't think  it's all incredibly awful, much like the Great White North, last year we had virtually nothing for snow this time of year.  We do enjoy a nice break every couple of years or so.  

Yesterday an additional 15 cms of snow blanketed the city.  Making white and beautiful the snow laden boughs of evergreens and the hoar frost clung to the deciduous trees this afternoon still.  Looking for the beauty in the season and enduring with gritted teeth the cold, that's me.  Take care all.

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