21 October 2011

Fertilizer Friday/Flaunt Your Flowers

Autumn has gradually been making her presence known throughout the province.  These photos of the back garden were taken last week.  I must get out to take another photos of this tree below as it is now even more captivating in glorious orange reds.

I love to flaunt photos of my favourite tree in my garden!  This is a three-flowered maple which is absolutely stunning in autumn.  Notice the foliage colour and the peeling bark.  This is a beauty, easy care tree all year round!

A sunrise last week.  They seem to intensify in colour as the weather changes and the seasons progress.  Looking back over some photos from the last year or so, I've noticed that some of the best sky shots I got were taken in autumn and winter.  The colours are magnificent!

I am linking up with Glenda over at Tootsie Time as we share our gardens, and flaunt our flowers.  Swing by and say hi, won't you?


FlowerLady said...

Your maple is awesome. What a wonderful autumn sight to behold.


Rambling Woods said...

Oh my gosh..how much you have been able to do with your yard...LOVE the water feature....you captured some wonderful colors...


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