10 October 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Waterton National Park October 8, 2011
To all my Canadian friends, family and readers:  Happy Thanksgiving!!  Happy Columbus Day to the same in the States!  As my brother-in-law would say, "Everyone's thankful today except the turkey!"


Diane said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you! Ours was great, lots of family, laughter and food...yum! Now that Thanksgiving is over, time for Christmas! Diane

Sheila said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you as well Shirley. We sure had wonderful weather. I'm so thankful for that. I will share your brother-in law's saying with the men in the family. Hope you had a good day!

Louis la Vache said...

Best wishes to our Canadian friends for a happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...


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Shirley said...

Thank you everyone! I love receiving visits and comments from my blogging friends! And thank you for the Thanksgiving wishes. We enjoyed a superb weekend, as you might be able to tell from the photo (more to come soon ;}). I hope you enjoyed the long weekend and Thanksgiving too. Louis, I know the US celebrates in November and it is a BIG deal there so enjoy it with gusto!

Serge, thank for the visit! I love that you took the time to check out my blog and that you enjoyed your visit here. Though I don't think the link is particularly suited for this blog, I did post it with your comment so it is visible, though not on the sidebar. (Yes, I do love Michael Crichton's books too!)



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