10 October 2011

Flowers of Volunteer Park Conservatory by Sara Chapman now ships to Canada

I know that several of you have been waiting for shipping information for the book Flowers of Volunteer Park Conservatory by Sara Chapman.  This book is a lovely photographic essay featuring the Volunteer Park Conservatory in Seattle Washington, making it a great table top book for the avid gardener and appreciators of plants and conservatories alike.  I recently received shipping information from the author Sara Chapman.  First class shipping from the United States to Canada will cost $9.99 (US).  It is not yet visible on her site but is now available.  To order her book, see her web site at: Love That Image.

For any who may have missed the book review, you may enjoy it by clicking on Review:  Flowers of Volunteer Park Conservatory.

--Author's contact information: 

Sara L. Chapman                        
Photographer and Author, "Flowers of Volunteer Park Conservatory"
Photo blog: http://www.lovethatimage.com/blog/
Follow me on Twitter: @SaraLChapman

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