17 July 2016

Friends of the Library Garden Tour - Kudos to the Neighbour

Previously, I mentioned that neighbours to those who garden at Site #2 opened their garden to the tour.  It was extraordinarily generous of them to give up their day to host the hundred or so who toured through.  I'm so glad they did because their garden was lovely, most notable was the pond stocked with koi.  Here are some photos I took but I didn't take many as I was so busy admiring the view.

Lupines are a popular choice as evidenced in the many gardens they were in.

I can't enough of ligularias!  It's good to see this lovely shade and moisture loving plant in the occasional garden on the tour.  Here the "Rocket" sits at the top of the waterfall near a mature hosta.  Have you ever stopped to smell the fragrant flowers of a ligularia?  I never thought to until this year.  It's not at all overwhelming and you have to be fairly close to smell it but it's a divine somewhat sweet fragrance.  Another reason to love this shade plant!

Cascading down a gentle slope, the waterfall is broken into tiers.  Here it flows past another hosta, and lilies.  Ligularia flowers peek into the scene at the bottom of the photo.

My daughter-in-law would love this as an admirer of lighthouses!  The placement of the tall grasses offer privacy around the pond and accent the cute lighthouse at the water's edge.  Koi and waterlilies are plentiful here.

I didn't get a chance to speak with this homeowner as others had  his attention, so I can't tell you if this beautiful pond was designed and built by himself or if he hired it out.  It was magnificent though!  Probably the best pond on the tour and he wasn't even officially on it!  Thank you again neighbour for letting us visit.

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