21 July 2016

Friends of the Library Garden Tour - Site #6 Aqualine Aquatic Plants and Water Features

tower garden of vegetables
Lunch break!  Donated by Sobey's, hot dogs and pop were available for a toonie at Aqualine. If you had six stamps on your garden pass, (you get one at each garden you visit as you enter) you received a free water hyacinth as well (we did!). Aqualine Aquatic Plants and Water Features is located out in the countryside, just as site #5 was.  This is a lovely site for a lunch break as you may sit on any of the benches located overlooking ponds and water features. It had rained a bit earlier so the seating was wet but it was just as nice to stand pondside and enjoy a yummy hotdog with the library's secret sauce!  A draw for a gardening books or a bonsai was here as well.  I wonder if I'll win? 

Aqualine Aquatic Plants and Water Features sells tropical and hardy water lilies and marginal aquatic plants.  Feature gardens show you how you can incorporate water into your garden.

Any ideas what this plant is?  The flowers are a delicate pink.

Above, future expansion of the main water feature.

1 comment:

Karen said...

Shirley, there are so many wonderful ideas here. What a great tour. I love waterfalls very much.


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