24 July 2016

Friends of the Library Garden Tour - Site #9 Rock Garden Extraordinnaire

This garden was a previous tour favourite so thanks to popular demand it joined the tour again this year.  When you see what this husband and wife team did with the help of a backhoe, you'll be amazed!  Each quartz and granite boulder, including some petrified wood pieces, were sourced and placed by the couple.  The sculptures were found during their travels in the states and Mexico (I think he said).  The dinosaur garden is incredible!

Alpine plants, ground covers and trailing evergreens trail over the edges of the boulders and crevices while water features including waterfalls and ponds are nestled within.  This property made my jaw drop!  It is intrinsic in minute details with rare plants and unique metal pieces of garden art.  The art often is placed to tell a mini story.  As you stroll the grass pathways or take the rock walkways, another scene unfolds before you.  There are a few garden scenes within this landscape.  I took so many photos here but don't worry.  I have not included all of them.  Just enough to give you a taste of what a rockery could be.

This was the last garden we had a chance to visit, leaving four that we were not able to get to.  We left the rock garden just before 5.  It was a long day and totally worth it.  We'd had rain, cloudy weather and sunshine.  Fortunately we were prepared and determined to persevere regardless.  I'm so glad we did!

Sadly, this may be the last year for the Friends of the Library Garden Tour as those who have been behind the scenes have indicated.  I'm glad M and A got to come along for the finale.  Maybe next year we'll have to do the Edmonton Horticulture Society garden tour.  The 2016 tour tickets sold out a few days ago and the event ran yesterday and today.  Excellent weather this weekend for garden enthusiasts!  

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Karen said...

What an incredible garden! Absolutely amazing and to think they did all the work themselves. What a testament to creative ingenuity!


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