11 July 2016

Friends of the Library Garden Tour (Strathcona County) Highlights

Yesterday A, M and I enjoyed the 16th Annual Self-Guided Tour presented by Friends of the Library in Strathcona Country.  It was a day of unusual weather so we outfitted ourselves in rain jackets, gum boots and umbrellas and it turned out to be a very nice day.  Just the right temperature for me and only a little rain.  Sadly, I am told this is the last tour of its kind.  I hope someone else or another association takes over so it will continue.  I truly appreciate the home owners who stood outside for the duration of the day's tour and shared their gardens with us.  10-5 is a long day to play host.

There were some absolutely gorgeous gardens on yesterday's tour and I will share more photos later.  The video offers some highlights of our incredible day!  What a blast we had!!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, Shirley, what an amazing assortment of gardens! So much to see, loved everything in the video. The ponds and waterfalls were amazing and the conifers lovely. Sadly, the trend is sort of waning here for garden walks too, I think it's a shame since we've always looked forward to touring. Thank you for sharing these with us! on Friends of the Library Garden Tour (Strathcona County) Highlights


Shirley said...
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Shirley said...


Is it that people are too busy? I truly hope garden tours continue. I absolutely love them and took my son and daughter for the first time yesterday.

Leslie Lim said...

Those look interesting. Keep posting.


Shirley said...

Leslie Lim,, thank you. I hope you come back for the rest of the tour highlights.


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