17 July 2016

Friends of the Library Garden Tour - Site #3

Site #3 is the fourth garden we visited.  The rain was holding off, though we'd had a light sprinkling earlier.  This garden features a putting green, raised beds for vegetable gardening, a variety of paths and patio surfaces, a large outdoor lantern, trampoline, boxwood features, to name a few. What I and several others noted was that the space was designed to suit the needs of the family, both for entertainment and for edibles.

One of the first things you see as you enter this back garden through the side gate is a couple of chairs.  One of which is this colourful adirondack. We have a pair of adirondack chairs built as one unit with a table between and they desperately need to be repainted.  I was thinking turquoise or ocean blue.  This chair has further inspired me to go that route.  It's just so pretty.

Incorporated in the living area of the garden is a patio of wood planking (below), and a jungle gym and swing set (above) for the kids too.  Note the little path running through the bed below.  It's another example of the variety of paving materials incorporated.

Dotted here and there as accents, boxwoods are planted in bright red square pots.  This one sits on an elevated plane above the main living area.

The putting green is situated far left with raised vegetable garden beds to the right.  This is all enclosed within a "secret garden", divided from the living space of the yard by a hedge.  

Today I discovered my daughter loved begonias!  This pretty planter is one of a few in the vegetable area.  All pots are identical which creates harmony.

The gentleman in the apron explained how they get their children involved in the garden.  Each spring the children decide what to plant in the raised beds.  They have a large lot with several raised beds for vegetables.  To the far left of the vegetables is the putting green, demonstrating another way to make gardening interesting for the entire family.

A rattan sitting area accented with red pops in this lush green garden.

The owners used different path surfaces in the garden.  I really like the flagstone!

Lady's Mantle sprawls in the foreground, amassed with chartreuse flowers.  St. Albert Botanic Garden has one too but as I recall it was more mounded, definitely not sprawling.  Perhaps there are different varieties of alchemilla?  Does anyone know?  I'm not sure I like the sprawling.

A plant I've truly come to admire this year is "Caradonna Salvia".  I love the dark purple stems, green foliage and the deep purple slender stalks of blooms.  It's one of those plants that seems highly favoured in the gardens of this tour.

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Karen said...

Love the putting green! I'm not a golfer, but what a great idea to incorporate their other interests in the garden. And also a good tip to find a way to interest the children in gardening, too!


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