13 July 2016

Friends of the Library Garden Tour (Strathcona County) Site #2

We visited 9 of the 13 sites plus another in the city which was a neighbour two houses over from this property.  You'll see that one later.  It wasn't officially on the tour but the owners graciously invited all for a visit.

Visiting in the order listed in our tour guide, we found there just wasn't sufficient time to visit all the gardens.  We were disappointed but the gardens we saw wowed us!  Come along with me, won't you?

A colourful variety of Harry Lauder's Walking Stick.  I am mesmerized with this plant!

Entering through the gate, the side garden burst forth with Ostrich fern and two varieties of lamium.
Above and the following four photos are the raised bed gardens which you see directly ahead of you when entering the back yard.  

Square foot gardening in raised beds increases the yield.

Six beautiful hostas in a mulched bed.  This large one must be Sum and Substance.

Bordering the fence line is a variety of shrubs and spruce.

Above and below, the enormous pond feature.  It appears that a portion of it is intended as a shallow wading pond with the centre is much deeper.  

A cascade of water from the rocky hillside runs to the pool which is used for swimming and wading.  Upper left of this photo you can see the kids' treehouse.
Bottom left of this photo is a mound of myosotis, Forget Me Nots.

This is an enormous back yard with a defined area for vegetable gardening and another for relaxation.  There's a fire pit, pool and waterfall to create that much sought after atmosphere of relaxation. This garden is designed for the entire family to enjoy.

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