25 July 2016

Provincial Emblem - the Alberta Rose

Alberta wild rose growing in a ravine in Edmonton, Alberta.

Rosa acicularis, the Alberta Rose or Prickly Rose is the provincial floral emblem for Alberta.  It was adopted as such by the province in 1930.  It can be found throughout the province growing in the wild. 

The Alberta rose is a thorny shrub reaching heights of up to 5 feet.  It blooms with small bright pink individual (not clustered) fragrant flowers May through August.  If the shrub is not dead-headed, rose hips develop late summer to early autumn and are an excellent source of vitamin C.  Rose hips are often used in the making of jelly, syrup, and jam.  


Karen said...

A truly lovely emblem!

Shirley said...

It is. Greenhouses here get several requests a season for this rose. Likely, though, we don't have a source who propagates it since I haven't seen it in a local greenhouse for several years.


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