20 August 2010

BC Forest Fires Affect Albertans

Seclusion Bay, BC
Firefighters have been fighting forest fires in the interior of British Columbia for some time now and as of Thursday, our province has experienced a deterioration of air quality due to thick smoke.  People within the affected regions of BC, including some of the Okanagan area, have been evacuated. 

Here, in Edmonton, individuals with respiratory problems have been advised to stay indoors with windows closed.  The remaining population has been told to avoid strenuous exercise outdoors during these conditions.  Even Southern Alberta is beginning to feel the affects of the smoke.  I was told as of today, Coaldale and Lethbridge can see the heavy veil of smoke hanging in the air.  Hopefully the air mass will improve this weekend.


Shirley said...

The smoke from the fire in Williams Lake, British Columbia is directly affecting air quality in Alberta. In Williams Lake 1000 people have been evacuated and 2000 more are on standby.

Rosey said...

Scary stuff. We live in an area that could go up in flames as well.

I hope they get those fires out soon so your air quality can improve.

Shirley said...

I hope for rain for your area and all of BC that is affected by the forest fires. I wish you safety and protection for your family and home. Best wishes!


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