06 August 2010

Changing It Up

Welcome everyone!  My returning visitors will notice a bit of a change here.  I decided to freshen things up a bit on my blog.  Did you know blues are the "in" colour for fashion and home decor?  I saw it on CityLine so ..... it must be so.  Won't you leave a comment and let me know if you like it.


Anonymous said...

It looks great! Very fresh looking.

Shirley said...

Ann, thank you. I like it too.

How are things going in the perennial trials? I haven't received a newsletter in a little while. Just curious to see what's blooming. How did the peony trees come along? Did they all bloom?


Anonymous said...

There haven't been any recent posts on the perennial trials blog because I am on vacation. I will be back in another week and will be sure to post photos of what's in bloom then!
The Itoh peonies all bloomed and were absolutely spectacular. They are beautiful, healthy plants and have grown to be quite a bit bigger than was expected, in only two years.

Shirley said...

Ann, hope you are having a great vacation! I am glad to hear of the success with the peonies! The photos are gorgeous. I wanted to see them firsthand while at the Van Dusen gardens but, alas, they had finished blooming.


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