03 August 2010

Summer Blahs?

Summer is so short here.  Sometimes it feels as if we have one month of spring, three months of summer (aka construction season), one month of fall, and the remaining seven months feel like winter!  Is there any better reason to make the most of summer?  Sit by the fire outdoors in the evening whenever possible.  Build that oasis in the back corner.  Enjoy the pond.  Put up bird feeders.  Deadhead annuals to keep them flowering.  Add that new plant you've been eyeing in the nursery.  Yes, that might mean digging up some more grass!  You know it!!  Add some colour to that drab spot that has been bugging you at this time of year, every year.  Go for it!  Make this summer a great one!  Do remember to take some time in your garden to enjoy the fruits of your labours and the gifts of Mother Nature.  Enjoy!!

And, if that is not enough incentive check this link:


1 comment:

Stevie from GardenTherapy.ca said...

Yup - that's summer - ha! Well said.


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