24 August 2010

Spotlight on Ohio Buckeye

photo by Barry V.

Aesculus glabra - Ohio Buckeye
Average Height - 20-40 feet (some specimens have grown up to 48 feet)
Average Canopy Width - 25-30 feet wide (oval to rounded and dense)
Leaf - Palmate compound leaflet of typically 5 leaves (rarely 7)
Flowers - light yellow/green-yellow upright panicles in the spring
Fruit - nuts encased in a 1-2 inch prickly husk - not edible (squirrels like them)
Fall Colour - yellow-orange sometimes red (Autumn Splendor Buckeye has red-purple fall foliage)
Bark - Grey furrowed
Root - forms a tap root
Growth rate - develops tap root its first year.  Following years significant growth is noted.  May be considered a medium/fast grower (up to a foot/year) but not so fast as a poplar.

The Ohio Buckeye makes an attractive shade tree, preferring a soil Ph of 5.0 - 7.5.  The tree prefers a moist loam and is subject to leaf scorch if it dries out. Not drought resistant.  In its natural habitat it is an understory tree growing along river banks and creek beds.

It has no major insect problems but may be susceptible to powdery mildew and leaf scorch. 

It is not widely known as a speciman tree in our area though it is gaining popularity.  As it is medium size at maturity it readily fits into most urban landscapes and offers beautiful fall colour.  If you have no room for a maple but still want impact in the fall, select an Ohio Buckeye.

Hardy to zone 3.

photo by Barry V.


Photo by Barry V.

Many thanks to Barry for the photos of his Ohio Buckeye


Heather said...

Is it deciduous? It looks like it... I'll go check out your link - thanks for sharing!

Shirley said...

Heather, yes the Ohio Buckeye is a deciduous tree. Very attractive in the landscape. Thanks for popping by!

Shirley said...



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