10 August 2010

Colour in My Garden

I seem to have a definite lack of colour in the garden this time of year.  Sure I have some colourful foliage in the barberries

Rose Glow Barberry

and the Summer Wine Ninebark

and there's the clematis
Nelly Moser Clematis

Jackmanii Clematis

and this little rush in the pond.

The Pink Diamond Hydrangea blossoms are still white, but gorgeous and the Endless Summer Hydrangea shows no signs of flowering at all!  Perhaps I need to fertilize that more through the growing season so it will mature faster.  Our season has been too short and rainy this year.  Too bad too, because other than some clematis, there's virtually no colour in that bed.  Note to self, I need to mix things up in the east bed!

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