21 August 2010

Spotlight - Amur Maple

The tree in this photo is an amur maple shrub trained to tree form

Acer Ginnala - Amur Maple
Can be found in shrub or tree form
Shrub size - 10-15 feet.  Fast grower.  Hardy zone 3.  Deciduous. White scented flowers in the spring followed by samaras (winged seed pods).  Fall colour - Red sometimes yellow/orange depending on the year.  I have noted a warm long fall intensifies the colour.  The shrub can be trained to tree form making a smaller tree.

Tree size - 15-20 feet tall and 15-28 feet wide.  Deciduous.  White scented flowers in the spring followed by samaras.  Tolerates dry soil.  Prefers a well-drained site.  Growth rate is considered slow.  Forms a dense rounded canopy and makes an excellent shade tree.  Fall colour - scarlet red

Amur Maples are an excellent specimen in the urban landscape offering shade and outstanding fall colour.  Often multi-stemmed, the amur maple makes an excellent climbing tree too. 

Along 97 Street in Edmonton, one can see multiple plantings of this tree in the Griesbach area.  Often families will stop by in the fall to take family photos in front of these trees.

Amur maple during the fall (photo taken along 97 street, Edmonton)

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Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Amur maple... Remember it growing in the area where I was born and lived many years, near the great Amur river. Beautiful, stunning red color in the fall. Thank you for this post!


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