20 April 2013

Enjoy a Spring Visit to Holes Greenhouse With Me

A variety of tomato plants are already available for the eager gardener!  I almost caved myself but didn't know where I'd put one just now.  I will be back early May though so I hope they still have the yellow tomatoes!

The colour variation on this bromeliad is an eye-catcher!

More tomatoes, above.  Container gardens perfect for Mom!  (below)

The tables are set up, Holes is gearing up for a busy season!

The spring colour trend in pots includes the lime green of last  year with the wonderful turquoise blue of this year.  Do you like the plaid pots?

Oh Azalea, you are breathtaking!

Perfect to don your table at Easter, the above hydrangea is not hardy to plant outdoors.


Which plants suit you best?


I am loving this take on a terrarium garden with string of pearls cascading over the edge.  I would love one of these!

Nothing says "Welcome Spring" like these blooms!
If only the weather would agree!

Solar lights are available in a variety of styles this year.  Don't you love it?

It's a gnome invastion!  Aggghhh!  (I really do not like garden gnomes!)

My answer to the invasion, above!  I noted that a gnome was still strung up in a tree above this display too.  What a wonderful sense of humour and right on the mark, if you ask me!

The fern on the left is one of my favourites!  I love the contrast of black stem with light green leaves.

The occasional wall is ordained with beautiful paintings/art like this one above. Yes, it is for sale.

Too cute not to photograph.

When I worked in a greenhouse, this headwear would have been a welcome item for those unbearably hot days.  Just soak in water and, I believe, you put it in the freezer after.  
Wear it around your neck to cool yourself while you enjoy the garden.

And at the end of a hot day in the garden, soak in your very own hot tub or relax in one of these.  Ahhh.......


Clipped Wings said...

Nice visit. I cringe at the thought of garden gnomes, but I've been thinking of placing something tacky in the back yard as a joke :)

Shirley said...

Thanks for visiting Clipped Wings. I wish I could comment on your blog in return, but it wouldn't allow me to. I am not at the "wanting something tacky in my garden as a joke" stage yet, but the right thing in the right place certainly could be fun! Since working in a greenhouse years ago, I have had my fill of these figurines. One exception to that, though, is the cute little Oilers gnome my son's girlfriend got for him. Sporting the clothing of an oilfield worker and donning Oilers paraphernalia, it is cute in comparison to the typical garden gnome. I also really enjoyed Gnomio and Juliet! But that's as far as it goes for me. My husband threatens to buy me one, just as a joke. He better not. The doghouse isn't big enough for him!! LOL


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