24 April 2013

Putrella, Amorphophallus Titanum Blooms at the Muttart Conservatory (Edmonton)

This is the bud rising from the ground in March 2013.  Photo courtesy of Muttart Conservatory.  Used with permission.

To think it came from this, above,

to this, below, in six short weeks!

It's a rare thing, this plant, and to be able to see it on the first day of its very short blooming period 
(3-5 days approximately), was quite thrilling....a once in a lifetime opportunity.

All photos were taken by myself Monday evening, April 22/13 at Muttart Conservatory unless noted otherwise.

Photo taken by staff at Muttart Conservatory, April 22/13.  Used with permission.

Wow!  Isn't it extraordinary?

To read of the account of its growth to stardom, see Muttart's Facebook Page.

The following are photos my son took.

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FlowerLady Lorraine said...

How wonderful and exciting to have seen this bloom in person. Photos are great.



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