14 April 2013

Full House Lottery Edmonton 2013

Yesterday my friend Kim and I visited the three homes in this year's Full House Lottery.  I thought you'd enjoy a brief tour too!  

The first house we attended was The Vista II, with a square footage of 4263 feet!  It is the largest of the three homes in the lottery and valued at $1,795,105.

The office features an enormous full wall size black board!

I was quietly amazed by the two story high photograph of what I presume is New York City.  A Yamaha Grand Piano is also in the lottery in addition to vehicles and other prizes.

Two stories of staircase encased in glass on one side makes this house seem unfriendly for small children.

The kitchen offers a large walk-in pantry with three sets of built-in shelves.

This is predominately an entertaining house and is designed, both architecturally and decoratively, in a very sleek modern fashion.  The pass through below has a second sink and is situated between the large living room and the kitchen area.

The Vista II has a nice covered deck which is viewed here from an upstairs bedroom.

Upstairs are three bedrooms.  The above is the master suite with a door to a private balcony.

The walk-in closet off the master bedroom was the largest of the three homes and 
offers a wide assortment of storage.  I'd never be able to fill it!!

Above, the master bathroom.

 Above, Jack and Jill sinks in the shared bathroom.

I love this print in the girl's bedroom.  There are three bedrooms in total in this home.

Teen girl's bedroom, above and teen boy's bedroom below (two photos).

In the basement, just off the garage is a large "Man's Cave," above.  The garage has built-in storage in cabinets in red to match the man's dream room!  Included in this expansive area is a media room and pool table.  (I'm not sure if the pool table is a separate prize or part of the house prize.)

Is this your dream home?  Before you decide, there are two more houses to follow.  Incidentally, one single ticket sells for $100.00!  Last day to purchase tickets is May 30/13 and the draw is held June 20/13.  No, I was not feeling lucky and passed on the ticket purchase.  If you are interested, the rules and information to purchase are available on the Full House Lottery site.  Professional photos are available for viewing on the site as well.

*The photos shared in this post were taken by myself.  Please do not copy.


Lori E said...

It is definitely not my taste. I find it cold and uninviting. But for 100.00 I would take it...and sell it. Lol.

Shirley said...

Hi Lori and welcome to The Gardening Life!

All three of the houses were decorated in cool neutral tones but my favourite of the homes is the Greyhawk, which I blogged about directly after this blog post. The bedroom downstairs is popping with colour and the overall feel of the home is more cozy with wood work and rock trim throughout. If I could choose any of them, I'd choose the Greyhawk. The Chopin is a close second but the first home is just too modern and rather austere for my liking. Definitely not planned with a family in mind.

I popped in to say hi on your genealogy site. Which reminds me that once I get settled in here, I really ought to start researching mine again.

Have a wonderful week!


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