25 April 2013

Mallard Duck Visit

Wednesday morning, on my way to work, I saw this male Mallard duck on a neighbour's lawn.  
He flew up to a neighboring roof and then his mate showed up.

The two of them flew to the temporary pond across the road where I captured their morning swim in the sunrise reflection on the water.  We had so much snow that when it melted here, it made a temporary lake.  I'm very glad for that as I've seen Canada Geese here as well as seagulls.  I'm hoping for other wildlife too since we are very near some undeveloped areas that are heavy in trees and brush.

1 comment:

Shirley said...

SInce this photo was taken, a crew of construction/city workers came by and sucked up the water that constituted this pond. There is still a "pond" out back which the frogs seem to have taken to, along with Canada Geese, mallards and seagulls. Hopefully the "sucky" workers won't get to that one too.


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