15 April 2013

The Full House 2013 Lottery Tour Continued: House # 3 - The Chopin

The Chopin, the third and last house we visited of the Full House Lottery round up, is my second favourite.  It measures 4192 square feet and is valued at $1,320,280.  It is another two story in a brilliant red siding.

I love the marble look of this art piece in the bathroom.

I found the sinks in each bathroom to be a work of art in and of themselves.  
They are rather shallow though and I can imagine washing up 
and getting water absolutely everywhere!!

The designers of The Chopin house used planters as artistic statements as well.  
This one sits near the front door as a grand welcome!

Above is the entry area by the garage.  There is a ladder here which is quaint but not altogether practical in an entrance.  Put it in a library though and voila!

The staircase is gorgeous!

Above and below, examples of the grand art pieces to be found in this home.

I really like the light fixtures above the very wide island.

A beautiful table setting is complimented with this arrangement on the kitchen table.

Gorgeous!! (applicable to both the stove above and the dining table setting below)

Below, we head down to the basement living area.....

At the base of the stairs, between the bathroom and a state of the art furnace room is the table (left) and under the stairs is another table (right).  

This incredible light fixture (above) looks like one I have seen in a Restoration Hardware catalogue.  Incredible, isn't it?  Perfect for a media room.

In the large open basement, next to the family room/media room, is the games area.

To the left, behind the blue rope, is the wine cellar.  Creative copper art installments serve as unique bottle racks.

Through the faux barn doors is a work out room complete with cupboards which house a sink and mini refrigerator.

Back upstairs......

Kim claims the room above!  It has a 70's feel to it and it feels very comfortable for a family room.

This is the most beautiful nursery I have ever seen!!

The curtains in the nursery were so lovely I just had to photograph them!

Above, the master bedroom.

The sitting room off the master bedroom also has a gas fireplace.

The walk-in closet in the master bedroom features spotlit glass shelves for your beautiful shoes.

The extra deep tub in the master bathroom is flanked by two tall pieces of art which appear to have ribbon lighting around the perimeter, just inside the frame.

As there is not much room for dressers in the master bedroom, 
down the hallway on your way to the master bath is a wall of cupboards.

And that is the Chopin.  Which is your favourite?

For more photos, see the Full House Lottery site.

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