28 July 2013

Front to Back - Strathcona County Garden Tour 2013 Continues

We are close to the end of the tour now and the sun has begun to shine.  Just in time for this lovely garden and its adjacent house which reminds me of how a house in Tuscany might look with stucco and a covered entry with rattan seating.  
When you approach this property, you are coming to the back garden first at the top of the driveway.  This is where we began, at the back and working our way to the front which actually faces away from the road.  An interesting approach but I can see its merit.  It's just so unusual, this front to back plan.

The raised beds are GORGEOUS!!  This is a mature landscape accented with curves in the hardscape, which gives a more relaxed feel to the overall garden. 

 Above, coming up from the drive to the right you approach the back patio and gardens, passing this retaining wall.  Atop the stone patio is a cantilevered umbrella (of which the homeowner was patiently explaining its operation procedure), a large barbecue and several potted plants including a succulent planter atop a black patio table (photo below).

A mix of shrubs and perennials like this poppy (above and below) fill the raised beds.

Back to the patio....

Above, the cantilevered umbrella that was the topic of discussion while we were there.

Leaving the back garden, I approached the front of the house, passing the garage and a curved flower bed.  Directly opposite the front entrance is a green space and on the perimeter, the aspen forest.

Above and below is the covered entrance which reminded me of pictures of homes in Tuscany.

As I walked near this tree in the front, a robin flew out of the nest.

 An enormous bed of lily of the valley seemed to be thrusting itself beyond the boundary of the bed.  Delphiniums are amongst the perennials planted at the side of the house near the garage.

 This is a truly beautiful yard that demonstrates how raised beds can complement a landscape and soften the line where home meets land.  The inclusion of shrubs, both evergreen and deciduous, with perennials provides a perfect example to anyone planning their gardens of how to do it well.

 Weekend Reflections


Leovi said...

Yes, Beautiful photos, wonderful garden!

NatureFootstep said...

o, what a wonderful garden. Love all those water features they have arranged. :)

PerthDailyPhoto said...

This really is a garden worthy of a Tuscan reference Shirlley :)


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