23 July 2013

Get Your Wedding Photos Done in This Garden - Garden IV - Strathcona County Garden Tour

This is the fourth garden we visited and the homeowner was out front visiting with everyone as they arrived.  Her hostas at the front of the house were enormous!  That is Sum and Substance at the front of the border.  If you look at the photo just below it you see another border planted with hostas.  She advised us all the hostas in these two beds were planted at the same time.  Those planted directly in front of the house are in a microclimate, thanks in part to the curve in the architecture and the brick. If I hadn't told you they were planted at the same time, you'd never believe it, would you?

Behind the hostas are a few cimicifugas (aka bugbane).  They will be flowering soon and when they do, the homeowner swears the blooms smell like fresh homemade cookies!

This garden was featured in Canadian Garden magazine in 2006.  

The antiques displayed in the garden came from the family's great grandfather - J.B. Little.  Little owned a brick business in Edmonton's Riverdale valley in the early 1900s.



Kara said...

Very pretty. i love seeing other gardens.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

WONDERFUL!!! I loved this garden.


Merisi said...

Gorgeous garden, thank you for sharing this beauty with us!


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