28 July 2013

Young Meets Young in a Garden - Strathcona County Garden Tour Continues

A relatively young couple (because age is relative, agreed?) lives on this expansive acreage and hired a designer/landscape architect/professional to install this enormous pond complete with stream that runs downhill with mini waterfalls.  

The landscape is all quite young/recently planted, aside from the existing mature trees that dot the garden, and will look terrific in a few years when the plantings mature.

Because it is so young, both Kim and I found it not to be quite as stunning as the other properties we had seen previously on the tour.  It does have a lot of wonderful splashes of colour (love the reds) and potential that time will reveal. 

Ornamental grasses have become extremely popular in landscape design and I'm glad to see it!

Another perspective from the back looking towards the house.  This view really shows how young the garden is.  Imagine it in 10 years.  It is going to be a wow!

I like the Japanese maple planter and the reflection of the house in the pond.

Two slightly different perspectives (above and below) offer a view atop the hill looking down over the property.  A few of the visitors commented how walking the pea gravel paths would tone your legs pretty good over time.  I concur.

I'm a sucker for water features.

What an amazing viewpoint sunbathers will have!

One area of the property I really enjoyed was along the back of the house under the covered walkway.  Here a little shade garden grows, planters accent the underside of the upper deck, and the ambience won me over.

 Coming around the side of the house from the back covered walkway, sits a garden swing.

I love the planters, the dining area, the charming water feature at this side of the house!  The owner has done a marvellous job with colour here.  (or was this professionally orchestrated as well?)  Whatever, I really like the "vignette."  Can you imagine sitting here, a cup of tea or coffee or a a breakfast smoothie in hand; enjoying a summer morning?  What a perfect start to the day!

Can anyone identify this red grass?  I want one!
There are planters everywhere!  I love it!  Even around the garbage bins!!

What is your favourite part of this garden?  For me, it's the planters, the water feature and the back covered walkway.  So much potential for this yard as its plantings mature.  It's going to be gorgeous!

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