24 July 2013

Strathcona Garden Tour Garden #5

 From a long treed driveway one enters the garden through an arbor.  You just begin to glimpse the beauty yet to behold.

Above and below, viewing the pond and three waterfalls and streams from the gazebo.

We loved seeing water lilies in bloom!


As a lover of evergreens, I enjoyed seeing the weeping Norway spruce (above), the shaped cedars and the multitude of junipers spreading over the rocks .

What a clever and creative idea to fashion turtles/tortoises from cedars!

 Around the side of the house, passing a big red barn, one comes upon the raised bed vegetable plot.

The lattice screens block the vegetable garden from view of the far back of the house.

 Coming around from the side to the back yard we see another view of the garden.

Walking the perimeter of the pond, past the garden swing....

....yet another angle of the pond and two of the three streams and waterfalls sloping down from the back of the house.

A flagstone path leads us out of the garden to the front of the house where I took a moment to enjoy a lovely planter.


Spare Parts and Pics said...

A beautiful tour, and great photos!! And thanks for your comments on my blog last week!

Anonymous said...

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