03 July 2013

Storm Watch Yesterday Evening

We set a record yesterday after the hottest most humid day of the year here, which felt like 43 degrees Celsius, and then our area received severe storm warnings.  Some areas to the southwest had tornado warnings, some received golf ball size hail.  We had wind gusts of up to 120 km/hr and as my husband and I settled in for the night, an unidentified object flew through the air just inches from our window.

This is the view looking out to the west/northwest as the storm came in.
(Above, left and below)

The sky had an eerie green cast to it which immediately made us concerned about the threat of a tornado.

The view looking east (above) and south east (right). The sky was darkened ominously by the clouds and you can see the ridge where the storm ended.  We received rain and strong winds but we were lucky. My son's mate had a tree break and fall on his car. Similar experiences were reported either from lightning strikes or the incredible winds.

Luckily, family and friends were unscathed and have some interesting photos to share.  

Today is a much nicer day.  High of 26 Celsius and a light breeze which feels absolutely divine.  The house is bearable.  I don't even have the ceiling fan overhead on.  That's the first time in days that it has remained off.  This is my kind of weather!  

Have you had severe weather in your area?

Later that evening, I received this photo:

my son's mate's car received $4000 worth of damages from this downed tree


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Those pictures were a tad scarey looking. Glad you didn't get a tornado and that you and your family were safe.

Have a nice 4th and a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

Karen said...

Hello Shirley, so nice of you to visit me! I'm very glad the storm didn't do any severe damage. Looking at those clouds I would have been very worried too. Our weather has been rather unsettled here, but no major storms lately. I really enjoyed the video on the Japanese garden philosophy. I would love to recreate a Japanese garden but haven't got the talent for it, ha.

Pudding is doing quite well, she's on heart meds and seems to be happy, going for walks with me and just as joyous as ever, thank you for asking!

The Exerstriding has been very beneficial for me; I know this will be an exercise for life as it is easier on the ankles, knees and feet and my arms and waist are toning up nicely.

We tore apart our entire front yard two weeks ago and have remodeled it again. Lots of stone work and tree moving in the name of 'downsizing' the area a little. We should be done with the front this weekend and then I can move on to weeding the rest of this crazy garden....we're trying to get the place down to a reasonable maintenance load. (And we STILL haven't started masonry work on the silly Aaargh yet this year, either...groan!)

Wonderful to hear from you and hope you have a nice weekend!

Shirley said...

Thanks Lorraine! Good to hear from you.

Shirley said...

Karen, I'm so glad to know your dog is doing well. What an enormous undertaking in your front yard! Your garden is gorgeous and now I am curious to see if you have posted about this new project. I'll be stopping in soon.

Have a terrific long weekend and Happy belated 4th of July!


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