20 July 2013

Strathcona County Garden Tour I

A week ago today a friend and I ventured out into the countryside west of Edmonton to enjoy a day in the local gardens of Strathcona County.  The garden tour is the local fundraiser for the Strathcona County Library and the turnout, as indicated at the very last home we toured, was upwards of 300.

The day began with a downpour and I wondered if the garden tour would be cancelled but it went on and as the day progressed I discovered jeans and a water resistant jacket were too much.  Kim was far better dressed for the day in shorts with a waterproof jacket which she quickly shed.

The first home we went to was the furthest out and as we parked out near the barn we began the tour with the horses, three miniature horses and one welsh pony.  We then progressed downhill into the back garden complete with waterfalls, streams and pond.  As large as the water feature was, it didn't seem so when I scanned the entire back garden which was also comprised of a vegetable garden area, a greenhouse on the back of the residence, flower gardens and expansive green space.  The property is bordered by native trees which smelled so amazing after the rain.  I wish that scent could be bottled!

From here I am including photos from this garden without further commentary.  Enjoy.

purple martins' nest inside


vegetable plot 


LostRoses said...

I love to see what other people do with their gardens. This one was lovely and you got the added attraction of the horses. Very nice!

Shirley said...

Thank you Lost Roses. I loved seeing the horses. It was an unexpected and pleasant surprise.


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