29 November 2010

December To Do List

•Pot up geranium cuttings in perlite or soil-less mixture and place under artificial light; keep evenly moist.

•Regularly check stored tubers and corms for mold and to be sure they don’t become completely dry.

•Clean houseplant foliage with a soft damp cloth; use an old clean toothbrush on fuzzy leaves.

•Buy gardening-related gifts for Christmas.

•Study the bones of your garden for form and balance. Do you have winter interest?  Do you have trees and shrubs that attract birds or have berries or seeds to add colour in the winter landscape?

•Make plans for next year’s garden projects.

•Send for seed and plant catalogues.

•Now is the time to catch up on reading all those gardening books and magazines you don’t have time for in summer.

•Visit garden centres; check out their Christmas displays, amarylis bulbs, poinsettias and garden related items.

•Visit Muttart Conservatory and enjoy the greenery and Christmas displays.
•Keep bird feeders clean and filled.

•Shovel snow onto garden beds and pile against basement walls.

•Keep paths ice-free with sand, small amounts of fertilizer, or commercial compounds that are plant safe.

•Plant your retired Christmas tree in a drift for winter interest and shelter for birds.  Use some branches to cover evergreen perennials such as dianthus, saxifrages, coral bells and bellflower.

•By the end of January, begin pruning deciduous trees (but not birch, maple, or shrubs that flower on last year’s growth).


joo said...

Great reminder! Thank you:)
We're just struggling with the first fit of heavy winter - looks like in your photo apart from the blue sky!
Have a nice start of the week:)

Amy said...

I can't believe it is going to be December already! You have a great list and mine looks a lot like yours ... we don't have snow, though. I do need to take a look at my evergreens and see what I might need to add for interest.

Arija said...

What magic Mr.Frost has made1

EG Wow said...

WOW! December already...well, almost.

Shirley said...

It is crazy to think it is December already, almost! Thank you for your comments Amy, Joo, Arija and EGWow. I so appreciated those who visit.

Please note I am having some technical difficulties with blogger and cannot make new posts. The next few are pre-scheduled. Anyone know what javascript:void(0) means? What can I do to fix it?

PurestGreen said...

My word that is a looooong list. I never developed my mother's green thumb but I always loved reading through her gardening magazines, mostly for the photos of the beautiful homes and the plush manicured gardens.

Shirley said...

Purest Green, thanks for the visit. It seems long but they are all simple things that can be done just to keep us gardeners happy to still be doing something garden related.

I love to read gardening magazines too! I love the manicured gardens, the fresh ideas, the lush beds!

Linda said...

That's an exhausting list! You will definitely need a Christmas break after working your way through that.

Rambling Woods said...

Wow...you will be very busy this month...


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