25 July 2011

Garden Blooms, or Lack Thereof. It's My Garden Update...

Jackmanii clematis, above and below.

Pink Diamond hydrangea, above.  Fuschia, below.

Geranium and sage in blossom.
Tomato with a nose, above.

Teddy enjoying the outdoors.

The garden is sadly lacking for blooms this time of year.  The mock orange has finished, the rose is taking a break after I had to cut it back following a storm, the peonies are done.  Only the following are blooming:  heuchera, hostas, delphinium, geraniums, columbine and fuschia.  The Pink Diamond hydrangea is beginning to form flowers, as seen in the photo above.

What's blooming in your garden?

Joining Ms. Green Thumb for Blooming Tuesday


Life Images by Jill said...

what do you mean! there is something blooming in your garden!
My garden has been sadly neglected over the past few months as we deal with aging parents, but I managed to plant some tulip bulbs, which I have never tried before, and they are flowering! Oh such a wonderful joy they are!
Have a wonderful week, and thanks for dropping by my blog to say hi.

Emily said...

Wow, I see lots of blooming plants, all beautiful too. I think your garden looks amazing for this time of year. The heat wave came through here and everything is parched! Wish my gardens looked like yours. Thanks for sharing, and I want Teddy! He is adorable...........

The French Hutch

Anne said...

love the color of that columbine,have lilies blooming,roses, bellflower marigold bocopia, shasta daisy, i think thats it

Shirley said...

Thanks for the visits everyone. When you look at the garden as a whole, it seems like there isn't much in bloom. A lot of it is in a transitional stage, either done or getting ready to bloom. I am surprised the columbine is still flowering. I'd like to have more colour this time of year though.

eileeninmd said...

Pretty flowes and gardens. And I just love your Teddy! What a cutie!

joo said...

Love them all, but hydrangea is my favourite:)
Hugs for Teddy!


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