16 July 2011

Summer, Where Art Thou?

Raindrops on roses, on my head and nose, overflowing underpasses, flooded basements.  Where is Summer?

Summer is typically characterized by those long hot hazy crazy days when we languish by the lake or in the shade with a cool drink in hand.  Not this summer though.  I gaze out the window to see minute droplets of rain water resting like beads of condensation on the leaves of the peonies.  The flowers themselves, long spent in the insistent rain and winds.

Even the Morden Blush roses have succumbed with browned borders on each flower petal.  Basements flood, not mine but many others, overpasses flooded, the sump pump tirelessly fulfills its duty.  Sigh.  It is so reminiscent of last summer, the summer that forgot to come.

On the good side, the birch and willows are thriving in all the moisture!!

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