18 July 2011

Good Morning!

I had an early wake-up call this morning.  
At 5:30 am today my husband woke me to see this:

Such a glorious wake up call!  [thank you J for waking me :)]
If ever you doubt God exists, 
you just need to see gifts like these that he shares just for you.  

What a wonderful world!
Come back Friday to see more incredible shots of this morning's sunrise. 
(you haven't seen anything yet!)
Shortly following this, 
we had a terrific short-lived storm with thunder, lightning and rain. 
Some areas received hail, fortunately we didn't.

Have a terrific week everyone!


La Principessa Errante said...

Wow - absolutely stunning.

Karen said...

I wouldn't mind being woken up early to see that sight, either! How beautiful!

Clipped Wings said...


Rambling Woods said...

That was worth getting up for...


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