27 July 2011

It's Been That Kind of Summer...Rain, Wellies, and Mosquitos

Whether you call them Wellingtons, wellies, galoshes, rain boots, rubber boots, gum boots.... these have been a valuable accessory this summer.  Of course, these aren't the fashionable ones you might see around, and they have been quite a fashion trend of late, but they do serve their purpose.  Indeed, it's been a wet one.  While eastern Canada has been scorching hot, the prairie provinces have been cooler and wetter than usual.  What about mosquitos, you might ask?  Yes, indeed, there is a surplus of them. Compared to Winnipeg, which is known to have a large population of mosquitos every summer, we have had, in Edmonton, 70 times the number in our traps that Winnipeg has had!!!!  The city has sprayed twice the fields and areas where water pools, and still they persist worse than ever.  What do you do to keep the mosquitos away?  I know someone who sprays her yard with malathion!!  Would you?  

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HOOTIN' ANNI said...

I would so love to have RAIN here. Guess we'll get some, if all goes according to weather predictions, this weekend.

Now, the mosquitoes, I could do without. For sure.

I always enjoy you visiting with me...thanks for stopping by yesterday.

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