01 September 2010

Fall Kaleidoscope

Lemon Boy tomatoes are ripening indoors after risk of frost

I can't believe it, I thought to myself this morning as I turned yet another calendar page.  Another month has passed and autumn looms right around the corner.  It's impending visit is evidenced everywhere.  In the red, orange and yellow hues that have taken the place of the once green foliage.  My neighbour's Amur Maple shrub is already shimmering in her new autumn foliage.  The mums are blooming, the foliage of ash trees are turning yellow, and yes, there are even leaves falling!  Too soon, I say!  Where did summer go?  Did it even arrive?  July and August have been unseasonably wet and much cooler here than one would expect.  Last year on this day, Edmonton was 28 Celsius, today is forecasted to be 14 Celsius!  Half as warm as last year!  Huh!

amur maple in fall dress                                                                             Pink Diamond Hydrangea

Viburnum "Snowball" and yellow dwarf barberry touched with fall colour

Samaras on my amur maple tree are reddening nicely

European Mountain Ash berries ripening to orange

Even the Young's Twisted Weeping Birch is joining in the autumn ball

I'm not ready for autumn but I can't hold it back so I may as well enjoy it beginning now with this kaleidoscope of reds, yellows and oranges mingling amongst the green.


Meredehuit ♥ said...

Ready or not, Autumn always comes. Great pics!

Shirley said...

Too true,Merede. Thanks for popping by!

Linda said...

I can see that you're not ready for autumn if you've had such a dismal summer.
Your rowan berries are at much the same stage as the ones in this part of Scotland.

Shirley said...

Linda, yes, we would be more than ready to welcome autumn had we had a long hot summer. Oh well, we go with the flow. It is a season of beautiful colour and a great opportunity for more photographs! Take care and thanks for stopping by!


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