16 September 2010

Take a Peak - Grande Finale

The House on Moose Lake, Alberta

My husband and the owners of this house are acquaintances through business and when on vacation in the area, we had the opportunity to tour the gardens and take photos with permission of the owner.  Their home has previously been published in decorating magazines so this is not foreign to them to be published for their garden, which is magnificent!

The Paths and Gardens

The Patios and Decks

The Pond

The Fountain

The Bunk House (for guests)

Thank goodness for my husband and his IPhone!  I, of course, depleted my batteries in my camera so Jeff graciously indulged me serving as assistant photographer.

The View (Moose Lake) and Docks

Quite a lovely home and the view is breathtaking!  I will have to find out who did their landscaping.  They have an ongoing project on another portion of their property so the labor continues in this magnificent landscape.  Hope to visit again perhaps in the spring/summer for some more photographic delights.


Heather said...

Wow! Rustic and refined... just gorgeous!

Shirley said...

Isn't it remarkable? I was so impressed with the landscaping, especially the patios, walks and decks. Of course the view is spectacular too!

'Tsuki said...

The view must be spectacular, but it is not easy to see it with this tiny resolution...

Shirley said...

Tsuki, I know. The photos taken by my husband's phone don't enlarge for me. My battery had run out so he was nice and took some pictures for me.


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