13 September 2010

Mum`s the Word

Mums on sale at Home Depot


Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

I can't wait to get a couple mums here. Still a little too warm in my front yard right now. Thanks for stopping by.

Beth said...

Hi Shirley, These photos make me smile! They are so colorful and pretty! You had left me a question regarding what kind of zinnias I'd shown in my Fertilizer Friday post. They are Cactus-flowered zinnias, and I started them from seed that I got from Henry Field's Seed and Nursery Co. Hope your week is going well!
Blessings, Beth

Beth said...

Hi Shirley, Those mums are so colorful and pretty! I need to get some into my garden and on my porch - it's autumn! Thanks for visiting me. You asked what kind of zinnias I showed on my FF post - they are cactus-flowered zinnias and I started them from seed that I bought at Henry Field's.
Blessings, Beth


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