16 September 2010

Goats on the Roof

I like human interest stories and Heather's comment on my blog about Red Deer's new living roof on a local transit station has created some interest here, to say the least.
(http://shirley-agardenerslife.blogspot.com/2010/09/red-deer-advocate-parking-place-with.html)   Heather, whose blog is http://dustybay.blogspot.com/ , commented saying there's a place in British Columbia called Coombs where The Old Country Market - Goats on the Roof is located.  This old country market originated from a fruit stand in 1971.  In 1975 the original building was constructed complete with a grass roof!  Ok, so now you're thinking how do you mow a grass roof, right?  Well, the solution is goats!  Yes, goats.

Kristian Graaten, the original owner, emigrated here from Norway in the mid 1950's.  He fashioned the design of the present building after those in Norway that were built into the hills, thus the grass roof and the need for goats. 

Kristian's son-in-law, Larry Geekie, and family now own the business which has become quite a tourist attraction. 

Thank you Heather at Dusty Bay for the idea behind this blog post.  A trip to this Old Country Market in British Columbia sounds like a great vacation stop.  Children especially would enjoy seeing the goats and parents shopping includes fresh produce, international foods, imported gifts, baked goods and ice cream.  In addition to all this there is also an Italian Restaurant, Chinese Antiques, Wabisabi Surf Shop, Zolena (clothing and home fashion from India and New Zealand respectively), Greenery (garden accessories and plants).  It's a one-stop emporium for the shopper and food connoisseur alike! 


April Demes said...

...now!! Thought I'd comment here, as this is where my brother lives! We have heard about the goats from my little nephews several times.
I am glad I'm not the only one who spies on other people's pretty houses. ;) And I claim Edmonton as my hometown too... moved south 10 years ago.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know about this...love learning a bit of history...Michelle


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