19 September 2010

Planters - urn

These are so attractive, they caught my eye as I was walking by on the street.  Sweet potato vine cascades down the front, softening the planter.  Coleus offers colour and the papyrus (typically a water plant) adds height and drama.


GardenJoy4Me said...

Those are totally amazing urns Shirley !
I am a huge fan of sweet potato vine and coleus .. they are my front step plantings too ! .. We had a little water garden in a container and a small papyrus plant that I so loved .. they look so elegant and gorgeous .. I only wished we had a real life pond to support them every year : )

Shirley said...

I agree GardenJoy4Me! Flowers are lovely but foliage plants have so much to offer too!

If our pond were a bit deeper we could overwinter papyrus here. I love the overall effect of these planters.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and now I am learning some of their names...@:}.....Michelle


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