21 September 2010

Planters - trough

These trough planters are located at one of the entrances to the marina in Cold Lake.  All are planted the same which creates a vision of unity.  I love the blue of the lobelia as it echoes the blue of the lake and sky.

Osteospermum are one of my favorite plants.  Hailing from Africa, this little beauty here grows in a clump and all can withstand a bit of frost.  I fell in love with this annual years ago when I first spotted the "spoon" shape variety.  Lovely in lavender, white, yellow, orange and purple.  Some varieties are suitable for trailing baskets while some are more upright.  I prefer the tight clumping varieties like those planted in these planters.

The taller plant in the middle looks like liatris.  Can anyone verify this?


Jennifer@threedogsinagarden said...

I like the unity that simple repetition gives this planter display. it is also a great color combo.

Anonymous said...

I am not a gardener, but am trying to learn and this is a great place to do that...Michelle


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