23 September 2010

New Trends in Outdoor Living

Architect's rendering of Enjoy Centre

There's something new and exciting happening in neighboring St. Albert, Alberta.  The Enjoy Centre is scheduled to open November 2010;  bringing to the public, in one location, a new experience in shopping, living and entertaining.

"From the first day we started dreaming about this project and the magnitude of its possibilities, we imagined the Enjoy Centre as a partnership."

–Bill Hole
Aerial photograph of Enjoy Centre

Aerial rendering of Enjoy Centre

"As the lead partner in the Enjoy Centre, Hole’s is excited to continue its traditions of great quality and service while expanding the concept of gardening to reflect a broader, more modern view of living. Decorating and entertaining, growing and replenishing, personalizing and enjoying—everything you need to create a lifestyle about you."

Other partners in the Enjoy Centre include The Water Garden Spa, Terra Cafe & Artisan Bakery, and a conference centre perfect for weddings and other large events.  They are looking for more partners.  (info@holesonline.com)

Some new and exciting items you can expect to see in the near future:

Solar-powered LED lights

For a peak at what's coming in the way of new trends in outdoor living see this blog:
http://spogagafa.blog.co.uk/ .  

Rectangular Bistro Set  and new grill (unique design)

Gardeners and homeowners alike are looking forward to the opening of Enjoy Centre.  It offers sustainability in function, unique design and new trends in products. A new lifestyle experience.  Something to look forward to.  Will more centres follow this model?  That is yet to be seen but wouldn't it be "a good thing"?  As Martha Stewart would say.  Ahem.

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